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Guidance for Scotland’s Regional Resilience Partnerships on Risk and Preparedness Assessments

November 2021

Community Resilience

Community Resilience

Community resilience is based on a culture of preparedness, in which individuals, communities and organisations take responsibility to prepare for, respond to and recover from the consequences of emergencies.

Communities may also have knowledge of the local impacts of risks, which can complement responders’ understanding. In some circumstances communities might be better placed or quicker to address particular needs than Category 1 and other responders. By communicating with communities in advance they can be more aware, and more prepared, to help themselves and each other.

Using the CRR to communicate clearly with the public about the risks they might face, empowers the public to take more responsibility in preparing for, responding to and recovering from the impacts and consequences of those risks.

For further information on community resilience and business resilience, please see the relevant spokes on Ready Scotland.

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