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While utility companies in Scotland have well-tested plans in place, power cuts and the loss of other utilities can happen at any time and with little warning.

Here is Ready Scotland’s advice on how to prepare for a loss of supply - and what you can do if it happens.

Prepare in Advance

  • Having a well-stocked emergency kit at home will help until things get back to normal;
  • Keep mobile phones, laptops or tablets fully charged - so you will have use of battery power for a short time if there is a power cut;
  • A non-mains powered landline telephone will help you stay in touch during any disruption to your power supply;
  • Get friends and family thinking ahead and learning the steps that can be taken to be prepared;
  • If you have relatives or neighbours who might need help during a power cut, check up on them and provide them assistance if you can;
  • Read the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s advice on staying safe during a power cut.

Loss of Power

Loss of Water

  • If you experience an unexpected loss of supply or an emergency, check if Scottish Water is already aware of the issue, and report any new problems, on their dedicated webpage.

Loss of Gas Supply

  • Call 0800 111 999 in a gas emergency.
  • For other issues, contact SGN.

Special Requirements

  • Utility companies work closely with councils to make sure that vulnerable people get the support they need during any disruptions to normal service. Let your supplier know if you have a disability or you depend on a continuous supply of power for medical or mobility equipment e.g. stairlifts.

Stay Informed

Ready Scotland regularly publishes alerts on both Twitter and Facebook. Follow and like our pages to keep up to date wherever you are.