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When communities across Scotland experience disruptions, whether major incidents like Covid-19, or more localised challenges, they develop unique resources and strengths to get through.

A community’s resilience is at the heart of how it survives and thrives. Here’s Ready Scotland’s guide on how a community can use its strengths to prepare for, respond to, and recover from challenges.

Resilient Communities

  • Use their existing skills, knowledge and resources to prepare and deal with emergencies;
  • Are aware of risks that may affect them and how they may be vulnerable to them;
  • Work together to complement the work of the local emergency responders;
  • Create stronger connections to one another.

When communities plan and organise themselves to prepare for challenges and disruptions it can make a big difference.

Our Community Resilience Checklist contains straightforward information to help your group start talking about resilience. Ready Scotland has also created resources and templates to help your community create their own resilience plans when you're ready to move forward.

Stay Informed

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