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Resilience learning hub

Ready Scotland's learning hub provides learning resources to help individuals, community groups and voluntary sector organisations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a range of emergencies, and to better understand how to work with responder organisations.
The hub is designed to develop and grow, with new material added to support learning and resilience training. If there are topics you would like to learn more about, please let us know on this online form
The following 3 courses take around 30 minutes to complete but you can pause and return at any time.

Below the learning modules, you will find a list of further free learning on emergency topics which are offered by trusted partners. 

Further learning resources from other trusted organisations are also available

Health and wellbeing

British Red Cross’s Community Education Workshops
Face-to-face and online wellbeing workshops offering effective, easy-to-learn education in an informal style. Available for young people and adults, the workshops are fully funded. 

Current topics available:

  • First aid (youth and adult)
  • Empathy plus migration (youth)
  • Coping with challenges (youth)
  • Adapt and recover from adversity (adult)
  • Tackling loneliness (adult)

Community Resilience and Young People

Education Scotland has created a bank of learning resources to support formal and informal education for young people on topics including

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has developed a free interactive online game Stop Disasters, which allows young people to explore the risks posed by natural hazards, build defences to protect the population and play out realistic disaster scenarios. 

Mental health for volunteer responders

Lifelines Scotland provides advice and learning resources on how to stay well and support your colleagues, through all stages of volunteering. They have created the Staying Well Road Trip, a free online course for volunteers covering the factors that protect or threaten wellbeing, how to recognise the warning signs of injury and what we can do to look after our physical and mental health. This module can also be run in a group session.

Resilience learning for professionals responders

The Scottish Resilience Development Service and the Regional Resilience Partnership teams provide more in-depth online and face to face learning opportunities for professional responders.

Safety and Security

Protect UK has online learning resources about counter terrorism and security. Their Action Counters Terrorism course would be useful for anyone involved in community venues.  

The British Safety Council has free training resources for people with experience in health and safety to run 90 minute workshops for people active in their local community.

Free online learning on a range of topics

Community groups can access free online training from Public Health Scotland which covers a wide range of subjects including improving communication, sensible risk assessments, and British Sign Language. 

Stay Informed

Ready Scotland regularly publishes alerts on both Twitter and Facebook. Follow and like our pages to keep up to date wherever you are.

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