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When we see people in crisis we all want to help in some way. Humanitarian aid can save lives.

  • Giving money, whether a personal donation or from locally raised funds, is normally the most useful donation you can make in humanitarian crises, particularly to those long established charities with lots of experience of operating in international relief operations such as The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)
  • Dealing with donated goods comes with many risks and difficulties, but there are a few ways that communities can raise funds from, or redistribute, surplus goods in positive ways.
  • You can volunteer with a humanitarian aid charity or a local refugee support group to lend a hand. Or look into other formal volunteer opportunities which suit your skills and interests.   
  • Businesses can also play an important role in supporting people through humanitarian crises for example, by offering expertise, staff time as volunteers or funding to support a project. 

Click on the links below for Ready Scotland’s guide to supporting humanitarian causes and making donations in a safe and effective way.

Scotland’s support for Ukrainian people

The most effective way to help the people of Ukraine is almost always to donate money to, or fundraise for, registered charities that have significant experience in ongoing relief operations. 

Scotland is  providing refuge and sanctuary to displaced Ukrainians and many Scottish citizens are offering a home to those who need it.

There is a network of public and voluntary sector organisations working with us to welcome and settle people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Once the new arrivals are settled in local areas they may need some material items or other local support and communities may have a role to play in this. Connect with your with local refugee support groups to find out if you or your community group might be able to provide support if and when it’s needed.

Stay Informed

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