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If you run a business, follow Ready Scotland’s Business Checklist and plan for serious disruptions to minimise any impact.

Preparing in this way can help you and your staff to deal with more day-to-day difficulties and might even help to improve your processes by highlighting the things that matter most.

Ready Scotland’s Business Checklist

  • Do your staff know what to do in an emergency?
  • How long would it take to recover your computer and IT systems if there was a hardware failure or if they became infected? Would you lose important data?
  • Are all aspects of your business insured?
  • Are key skills and information held by only one or two members of staff? What if something happened to them?
  • Could you operate from a different location if you could not access your premises?

Scottish Business in the Community has created a written 10 Minute Plan to help small to medium-sized businesses prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, such as flooding, cybercrime and civil unrest. We also host an accessible version of the 10 minute plan.

Security During COVID -19

There is specific advice from the Scottish Government and the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to help organisations mitigate security threats at this critical time.

Action Counters Terrorism

ACT Awareness eLearning is a counter-terrorism awareness product designed for all UK-based businesses, that’s now available to the public. It provides nationally recognised corporate counter-terrorism guidance to help people better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology. The ACT app is free for businesses, and provides real-time information from counter-terror policing, plus all the very latest protective security advice.

Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

The Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) protects national security by providing advice to the facilities, systems, sites and networks necessary for the functioning of the country – also known as the Critical National Infrastructure. The advice covers:

Stay Informed

Ready Scotland regularly publishes alerts on both Twitter and Facebook. Follow and like our pages to keep up to date wherever you are.

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