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Guidance for Scotland’s Regional Resilience Partnerships on Risk and Preparedness Assessments

November 2021

Purpose of the Regional Resilience Partnerships’ Risk Preparedness Assessment Guidance

Preparing Scotland is a suite of guidance to assist responders plan for, respond to and recover from disruptive challenges. It consists of a “Hub” which sets out Scotland’s resilience philosophy, structures and regulatory duties, and ‘Spokes’ that provide detailed guidance on specific matters. The “Regional Resilience Partnerships’ Risk Preparedness Assessment” (RRP RPA) guidance document is one of those spokes.

The purpose of the RRP RPA guidance is to provide a comprehensive overview of the process and to guide the RRPs on its completion. The RRP RPA allows RRPs to assess risks within their region and their level of preparedness to deal with the consequences of these identified risks, as well as communicating identified issues with the general public.

This guidance document sets out the legislation and principles underpinning the RRP RPA and information about the four stages involved in its completion.

Accompanying the RRP RPA Guidance is a Practitioners Toolkit which providing additional understanding of how to complete each stage of the RRP RPA including examples of completed templates. The Practitioners Toolkit can be found on Resilience Direct.

The RRP RPA is always evolving and will continue to be developed as improvements are identified and acted upon. Therefore, the RRP RPA guidance will be periodically revised, so you should ensure that you are using the current version available at Ready Scotland.

Links to useful websites containing guidance and information issued by Government, other responders and relevant groups is detailed in Annex A.

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