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Guidance for Scotland’s Regional Resilience Partnerships on Risk and Preparedness Assessments

December 2017

Scottish Risk Assessment

Scottish Risk Assessment

The Scottish Risk Assessment (SRA) is being produced to provide a better understanding of the key risks to Scotland and the impact they would have. This should allow the resilience community in Scotland to better understand the disruptive challenges that Scotland may face, and to use this to anticipate, assess, protect, prevent, prepare, respond and recover.

The SRA is developed using information from the UK NRA, together with Scottish- specific information. It uses an adaptation of the same methodology as the NRA, with impact scales adjusted down appropriately for Scotland. It is focussed on natural hazards and accidents.

The SRA provides a Scottish context to resilience partners on the types of emergencies Scotland may face and makes the most relevant information available to them when completing their RPAs.

As a strategic tool, the SRA does not replace or replicate more detailed risk assessment products and evidence, whether that be dynamic intelligence threat assessments or short term hazards forecasts.

The Future

The SRA will continue to be developed on a two year cycle. The next iteration of the SRA will be published in 2019. Those risks that need to be scaled for Scotland will be assessed with Scottish responders, scientific experts and policy leads. These risks will be identified by subject matter experts and validation groups. Those risks that do not need to be scaled i.e. the scenario described in the NRA is accurate for Scotland and the science is the same, would not be assessed separately for Scotland. For these risks a lead Scottish Government department or agency will still be identified but resilience practitioners will be directed to the appropriate risk within the UK NRA.

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