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Recovering From Emergencies In Scotland


If an emergency was to happen today:
  • what part would you play in the Resilience Partnership’s arrangements for recovery?
  • is your management team prepared to support you in your management role in recovery?
  • are you fully prepared to lead the recovery activities of both your organisation and the multi-agency group if requested?
  • have you trained and exercised for your personal role?
  • are you confident that your organisation’s arrangements for preparation, response and recovery from crises and emergencies are auditable and will withstand scrutiny in the event of a public inquiry?
  • can your organisation, alone, resolve the complexity associated with recovering from emergencies?
Does your organisation:
  • endorse the principles of recovery?
  • recognise the protracted nature of recovery following some emergencies?
  • have a scheme of delegation that authorises managers to deploy resources and incur expenditure in recovery?
  • have arrangements in place to allow rapid decision making following an emergency and, if so, for how long?
  • provide for the welfare of staff who will deal with an emergency and its longer term effects?
  • have plans that allow for effective community engagement?
  • have arrangements that provide an audit trail of resources deployed, when, why and by whom, to facilitate cost recovery?
  • have effective mutual aid arrangements?


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